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Some of our very enterprising Grade 11 IB students have created a podcast (as part of their CAS portfolio and their "de-stressing" activities) called "That IB Show"! 

Make sure to check it out and support our IB community!

Some Words From the Students:


Hi, hello, and welcome to That IB Show! We are a student-run podcast sharing our experiences with the International Baccalaureate programme. Each episode we delve into various IB-centric topics, from our studying tips, to what CAS hours are. We hope to give incoming IB students a better understanding of IB, all while having fun! All episodes will be put up on Spotify. You can follow our Instagram, @thatibshow, for updates on when new episodes come out!

SJPII's very own student led podcast series has officially launched. "Tales from the Trail."

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