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The IB Diploma Programme is for Grade 11's and Grade 12's with an integrated course curriculum. Students take a wide range of courses which include English Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals in Society, the Sciences, Mathematics and the Arts. Students will take 3 courses at Higher Level (250 hours of instruction) and 3 courses at the Standard Level (150 hours of instruction). Students who do not take the arts can take a second course in the sciences or indv. in society. 

Diploma Programe Model

How does a student earn the IB Diploma?

Each IB course is graded on a scale from 1-7, 7 being the highest mark attainable. Students take 6 courses, for a total mark of 42. Students need to earn 24 points in total to earn the diploma. Essentially, a student's IB mark is made up of the IB exams and an IA that a student must complete in Grade 12. 3 additional diploma points can be earned through Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay for a total of 45. 


There are special conditions connected to the awarding of the diploma notes to take note of. For instance, students must earn 12 points in their Higher Level Subject. Students must successfully complete all the Core components, CAS, TOK and EE

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What are the benefits of being in the IB DP for university?

Universities want IB students because they are prepared for the expectations of university life. They have all tools necessary for success. They have developed tools necessary for success in university, such as 

  • IB students are effective communicators and researchers

  • They can write and think at a university level

  • They are motived

  • They know how to write exams

  • They have subject-specific skills, such as the ability to conduct labs or write research papers

  • They are thinkers!

  • And most importantly, they know how to balance academics and extra-curricular because they have been doing this for two years. Balancing academic and extra-curricular is the key to having effective time management


If a student receives a 5 or higher for an HL level course, then some universities will see this as a transfer credit. As for admissions, students can earn them directly from their IB results, university transfer credits, and scholarships. Our students tend to receive early admission and get into the university and programmes of their choice. Our Diploma Students are able to identify as "IB Diploma Candidates" during the application process which results in them receiving 2 additional reports to support their University applications. This is unique to IB DP students across the province only. So IB comes with a lot of major benefits that would give the student an advantage when applying to universities.  

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