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Choices of Streams for Grade 11/12

In St. John Paul II, we offer streams and bundles for the students choosing to further their education by going into the full IB Diploma Programme. The five streams that we offer are only for the students entering the IB Diploma Programme. On the other hand, the bundles are for students wishing to partake in the IB Diploma Programme but not be fully immersed in it. 


In February of Grade 10, students must make a decision of whether they will stay in IB and if not, what other options can they look at. They can 

  • Enroll in the IB DP in one of the four (which is designed around the university program they wish to pursue)

  • Enroll in an IB Bundle

  • Enroll in the University or College stream (so the student who chooses this option for their Grade 11 and 12 years, would not complete any IB requirements or courses

    • Students who decide to enroll in the university or college streams must meet with their guidance counselor to make sure they meet all the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma including the civics and careers course



The students can pick from five streams 

  • Life/HealthSciences

  • Engineering 

  • Business/Commerce

  • General Arts with Math SL

  • General Arts with Math Studies

These streams differ from the courses as the student's enrolled in the Life Science will not have the same courses as the students enrolled in General Arts. ​


Bundles are a combination of 3 IB courses. There are several bundles that a student can choose from based on what they want to pursue. Bundles will offer 3 IB courses and the rest of the student's courses will be in the University stream. The bundles are for students who wish to gain university transfer credits (Level 5 or higher). The bundles will differ based on the different courses in the combination, some could include TOK or HL courses, it all depends on the student's future goals.  

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